What is in it for me.

In Matt 20:27-30, Peter asked Jesus some would say a really selfish question but one that is in the back of the mind of every believer.  He said, "Jesus we have left everything to follow you, what is in this for me?’  Jesus did not rebuke Peter He told him that when He came on His throne that Peter would be one of the men who would rule the nation of Israel and sit on a throne.  A pretty sweet deal for a man who devoted three years of his life to Jesus.  Jesus then goes on to say that anyone who leaves everything to follow Him including family and friends will receive a hundred fold in this life and the next.  This blessing will be both eternal and abundant life.  That means we have God’s blessing on our lives and we will receive a hundred fold blessing now.  Now I do want to make clear that this does mean these blessings are all material.  Most in fact are spiritual.  We have peace, joy, righteousness, forgiveness, mercy, grace and love.  These intangible blessings are in themselves incredible gifts.  The material blessings are just things that we use for His praise and glory.  Jesus closes this passage by reminding people and us that in the Kingdom, the first will be last and the last will be first.  Everything that we receive in this life and the next is for benefit of others and not ourselves.  Greatness in the Kingdom is being the servant of all.  Promotion in the Kingdom is becoming like a child and walking by faith.  Peter said, "What is in for me?"  Eternal and Abundant life.  A great reward for a few years of service.