What is in your heart?

In Mark 7:20-23, Jesus tells His audience what is in their hearts.  Jesus said that what comes out of man is in His heart.  He said that in the heart of men are adulteries and all kind of sexual sins, murder, theft, covetousness, wickedness, lies, bad living, pride, foolishness and evil intents.  All these come from within and defile a person.  The only thing that can deal with the evil of the heart is a brand new nature.  That nature comes by giving one’s life to Jesus Christ.  I love redemption and salvation for two reasons.  One, that it restores a person to right standing with God and two, that a sinner can be turned into a saint.  When a person comes to Christ, the Holy Spirit takes up residence.  He comes and lives in an individual.  He then begins to change that person from the inside out.  He works on our thoughts, words, actions, attitudes and motives.  He also regenerates our hearts and helps us to think differently.  As children of God we want to do the will of God.  We learn to appreciate what God has done and our desire is to show our love and appreciation by living for Him.  One of the keys of really understanding how much God has done for you is to realize what a sinner you were.  I know when I came to Christ I knew what a sinner I was.  I knew I could not save myself and so I knew how much God loved me.  Jesus said those that are forgiven much love much.  It is a realization of God’s grace and mercy.  You know what Jesus has done and you are so thankful that He died in your place.  This also helps to bring about righteous living because you want to do the things that please God.  So today let righteousness and love flow out your heart into life and influence those around you for Jesus Christ.  You have a new nature now act like it.