What is Tuesday.

Today I am reflecting on what Tuesday means to many people.  It means for retirees you can get cheaper meals and things to buy.  For those who love to eat and go out to movies it means getting in cheaper.  For me it is the second day of the week day and another opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ with you.  Everyday I look forward to going on the air and share the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ with the audience of CJCA.  Jesus to me is the most exciting and wonderful man who ever lived.  He saved me from my sins.  He gave me a new life.  He came to give each person an abundant life.  Jesus to me is the one person who has given me everything to live for.  Before I came to know Jesus Christ my life was a shambled mess.  Jesus in one instant took that life and started it again.  I know what I was like before Jesus and Christ and I have seen him rebuild and restore my life and I am so grateful.  Jesus said, those who have been forgiven much love much and those who have been forgiven little love little.  I know in my case I was forgiven much and so my love for him is great.  Today I decided to share a little of my view about Jesus.  Jesus is my everything and my prayer is He will be the same for you.  Your promises today are John 3:16, 2 Cor 5:17, John 10:10 and 1 Cor 13:13.  Here is a little proverb from my collection.  "The person who succeeds in their dreams is the person who has the imagniation of God."