What life is all about

Luke 24:52-53     Immediately after Jesus ascension the disciples worshipped Him.  They had seen God with a face and they had seen his leaving.  It would have a profound and life changing effect on them.  When you meet or see Jesus you will never the same.  They worshipped and were in awe of Him.  They returned to Jerusalem with joy.  Forty days before they were frightened and confused but now they were waiting for power and had great joy.  They knew Jesus was alive and nothing was going to stop them.  They next went to the temple and everyday they were found doing two things.  They were praising and blessing God.  They were thanking Him for who He was and what He had done.  This gave them the capacity to bless others.  We are called to be people who worship the Lord for who He is.  This is done though a lifestyle of purity, integrity and character.  We are called to praise and bless the Lord and in turn we will be that to others.  Make that you aim and goal today, for the glory of God.