What was the purpose of the Law

In Gal 3:18-24, We are spending quite a bit of time in the Book of Galatians because it is rich in Bible truth.  Paul brings up the question, "What is the purpose of the law."  The law was given so that man would know what sin wss.  It is because of man’s sin that the way was pointed to the Savior.  The law pointed to the promise of the Savior.  It was the taskmaster that pointed to Christ.  Paul brings out that the purpose of the law was to lead men to Christ and that we might be justified by faith.  I am so glad that Christ came.  We are no longer under the jurisdiction of the law.  We are now under the umbrella of grace.  Today’s thought will give you answers as to why God sent the law.  Your promises today are:  Deut 33:25, 1 Sam 22:40, Ps 27:14, 29:11, 46:1, Isaiah 30:15, Phil 4:13 and Eph 6:11.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Faith sees the impossible but obedience makes it happen.  Never let discouragement keep you doing what faith has made known.