What’s your dog “saying” ?

Tuesday morning we chatted about your mutt and what his barks mean …

 Scientists say it’s easy to become "bow-lingual" and understand what your dog is saying. It is based on a study of dog speech by researcher Adam Miklosi, of Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary. He says the language, which many people understand instinctively, evolved between dogs and humans as a form of communication over tens of thousands of years of living together. What barks mean:

  • High-pitched barking in clusters — Pooch wants to chase a ball or fetch a stick. Translation: "Come play with me."
  • Rising pitch and rapid-fire barks — Pup is feeling sorry for itself. Translation: "Pay attention to me. I need to be petted."
  • Loud barking a steady pitch –bDog is scared or upset. Translation: "Don’t come near me."
  • High-pitched single yelps — Fido is lonely. Translation: "Where is everybody?"
  • Low-pitched, gruff, continuous barking — Dog is getting defensive. This bark is usually heard when there’s a stranger at the door. Translation: "Beat it, buddy. Now."