When Life is to short

For the next couple of days, I will talk about how to maximize your life and do as much as you can in the minimum of time.  In the mid eighties, I came across a book call the one minute manager.  Actually a man name Al Shevkenek introduced it to me.  He said, Pastor here is something that can help.  He saw that I was floundering and needed help.  I learned that with proper priorities and training you could accomplish much in very little time.  First thing you have to learn is that you will never do all the things you want to in life so make a list and decide which ones you want to do and then get started.  With that thought in mind as you make this list include God’s priorities in the list and make them first.  One thing you should never say is, "One day I am going to do this."  If it is God’s honoring and edifying why not do it today or tomorrow at least.  Plan out each day what you have to do, family, work and personal time with God.  Then do something you want to do.  At least it is a start.