Where do you go from Here

   The story of Abraham is a story of following the Lord on step at a time.  Abraham was told by the Lord to go to Canaan.  He packed up everyone and everything and went by faith to the land.  Each step was ordered by the Lord.  Now was Abraham perfect in his obedience?  No.  He lied to the Egyptian and Philistine kings and yet God still even out of those times blessed him.  Faith is trusting God even when you do not understand or know what is happening.  God has not let you see the big picture.  Abraham just knew He had been told by God to do something and by faith He was going to do it.  Often God tells us to do something and then expects us to obey and then trust.  It is not easy because you are here looking at all the circumstances and do not see a way out.  Yet the promise is that God will not let you be tempted beyond what you are able to endure but with the temptation a means of escape.  What ever you need today know that God is not finished with you and as you trust Him things will turn out.  The steps of a good person are order by the Lord.