Who you are!

In 1 Pet 2:9, Peter lays out what the Christian really is.  There are many thoughts and misconceptions of what a Christian is.  Some believe it is following a set of traditions or rules.  Others think it is a denominational bias or a set of theological ideas.  Peter sets the record straight.  You are a chosen generation.  God in His mercy and grace chose you from among the people’s of the earth.  You also made yourself chosen by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.  You are a royal priesthood.  You belong to those who act as spiritual mediators in your home, workplace and world.  You have the privilege of bringing Jesus Christ to your world.  Also you can pray for your world which is of course a great responsibility.  You are a holy nation.  You have been set apart to show Jesus Christ in your world.  You walk in love, acceptance and forgiveness.  You have the Holy Spirit in you making you more like Jesus everyday.  You are a unique individual.   There is no one like you.  No one can reach or minister to people like you can.  God has made you one of a kind.  You are a somebody.  You are God’s.  These wonderful qualities that Peter has stated are for two reasons.  First, to show or demonstrate the praises of God.  You are God’s example, showcase or Bible.  People will see what God is really like through you.  I trust you are working hard to be an example for those around you.  He brought you out of darkness into His marvelous light.  You once were a sinner but now you are a saint.  You were heading to hell but now you are heading to heaven.  You were in darkness but now you are in the light.  This is who you are all because of Jesus Christ.  I trust that the confusion of who you now are is now cleared up.  Now go and live like a child of God.