Why we do what we do!

   One time I was asked why I became a pastor and radio personality.  First, I became a pastor because of the call of God that came into my life after I became a Christian at the age of 17.  I became a radio personality because at the age of 13, I got a information package from the Columbia School of Broadcasting.  Radio is a love and pastoring is both a love and a call.  There is however an underlying connection between both.  The call and the love are both driven by a passion to tell others about Jesus Christ.  When Jesus came into my life I knew I had been forgiven of so much.  I love the Lord for that.  I was not a very nice person and I knew it.  When Jesus set me free I wanted to tell everyone.  That passion has not left.  Everyday I want to tell people about my glorious and wonderful saviour.  This passion drives and consumes me.  I feel like Paul when he said, "Woe if I do not preach the gospel."  I feel at times like Jeremiah the prophet, when he recorded that the fire of God to tell others consumed him.  I have to tell others.  The mediums in which I operate of course is pastoring and radio.  I love both expressions.  On AM 930 the Light, I get to tell you that Jesus is the answer and the victory.  There is no sin He cannot forgive and no situation He cannot overcome.  So with that thought in mind why don’t you go and touch your world as I am trying to touch mine.