Wise or Foolish

In Matt 25, there is a very powerful story about the fgolish and wise virgins.  The story goes to tell us that there were 10 virgins who were waiting for a bridegroom.  Each had lamps and oil.  Five brought extra oil and five did not.  The Bridegroom was late so the five foolish ones did not have enough oil.  They asked the other five wise ones to give them some oil.  The five wise ones said there would not be enough to go around so the foolish virgins had to go and buy more oil.  While they were gone the bridegroom came.  When the girls returned and tried to get into the wedding banquet they were refused.  The gist of this parable is to be prepared.  We live our lives in the in the light of eternity.  You never know when the Lord will call you home.  Wisdom is knowing this and being prepared or may I say living prepared.  Billy Graham’s daughter once rmark that she lives her life as if this was the her last five minutes on the planet.  She goes on to say that this has brought real focus to her life.  Recently there was a tragic accident in my home community.  A young couple were driving down one of the main streets and a drunk driver T boned the car and a young man was tragically killed.  When that young couple got in the car they had no idea that one of them would not get to their destination.  You never know from one day to the next whether you will live or die.  I am not trying to be morbid but to encourage each of us to live ready.  The foolish virgins did not and they missed out.  I trust you will not.