Without a Shepherd

In Matt 9:36, it says, Jesus had compassion on the crowds because they were helpless and harassed.  They were like a sheep without a shepherd.  Jesus is known as the Great Shepherd.  He wants to lead and guide us.  He wants to be our protection and help.  The truth about the condition of man is that we are harassed and helpless.  Everywhere we turn we are being harassed by the world, the flesh and the devil.  They are constantly trying to make us sin and fall away from God.  Every thought, word and deed are fighting against the will and plans of God.  We are constantly being tempted by materialism, pride and the pull of the world.  The devil is constantly tempting, accusing and lying to us.  Yet we are not alone.  The Lord Jesus Christ is with us.  He is our shepherd and guide.  He is there to help us.  We have the Holy Spirit living inside of us empowering us to a place of victory.  We are not alone in this battle.  We have the weapons, armor and power to not only win the fight of faith but to be victorious over the enemy at every turn.  Paul said in Rom 8:11, "that the same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead dwells in us."  What a great promise.  Resurrection power, weapons, armor and a shepherd to lead us to victory.  Like David of old, God wants to lead us to safe pasture and sweet water.  He wants to help us to be not only overcomers but conquerors through Jesus Christ.  So today make a decision to not stay harassed and helpless.  Walk into the arms of the loving shepherd, avail yourself to all that He has and walk in eternal and abundant life.