Women of Galilee

Luke 23:55-56 – The Women from Galilee   This little account of the women of Galilee is noteworthy because of three reasons.  First it states that they were women who had follow Jesus from Galilee.  They had been part of His ministry from near the beginning they had seen the different phases of His ministry.  They were there when he started out, His year of popularity, than opposition and then His death.  They were loyal not only to concept of the Messiah but they were loyal to the man.  Secondly, they follow the men who buried Jesus to see where the body was laid.  Thirdly, they wanted to prepare the body with spices and ointments.  It was obvious to them that Jesus’ body needed a feminine touch in the burial.  They would rest on the Sabbath and return on the first day of the week to finish their preparation.  A thought to ponder today.  Are you loyal to the thought of Jesus Christ or to the man?  Will you be with Him at the end as you were at the beginning?   Last thought,  Will you finish well and in victory.  These ladies did.