Worthy of the Kingdom

Jesus said in Luke 9:62, that when a man puts his hand to the plough and keeps looking back he is not fit for the Kingdom.  What Jesus is saying here is that you cannot serve two masters.  You cannot serve God and yet live in the world.  You cannot live for the Lord and yet keep one foot in your old lifestyle.  Living for the Lord means that you live for Him with every fibre of your being.  You love Him with all you heart, soul, mind and strength.  Everything you do, say, think and am is Him.  Jesus is everything to you or nothing.  Your lifestyle must reflect Him.  I know this sounds black and white but the Lord is black and white in His view of the world.  It is men who like to see shades of grey.  We categorize sin making one sin worse or better than the other.  We excuse ourselves and say things such as, "I am not as bad as them"  We like to grade on the curve, make everyone feel good and level the playing field.  With God it is simple.  You are in the Kingdom or you are not.  The reality is this.  Jesus Christ went all the way to the cross for you.  He allowed His body to be broken, His blood to be shed so mankind could have forgiveness of sins.  He died, was buried and rose again for the salvation of all people.  God paid the ultimate price so you and I could have redemption.  Half measures do not reflect this sacrifice.  That is why Jesus said what He said Here.  You cannot keep looking back.  It is 100% commitment or you are not worthy of the Kingdom.  So as we head into the weekend, let this thought roll around inside your heart and follow Him with everything you have and are.  Your promises today are:  Matt 9:29, Matt 21:21, Rom 1:17, 10:17, 1 Cor 2:5, Eph 2:8, Heb 10:23 and 11:1.  Your Insightful Thoughts are:  Today many people think being holy is something you find in cheese.  Love is the quality we want given to us but we struggle to give to others.