You are Blessed

Jan 9 – You are Blessed – rev 1:3

Vs 3 – You are blessed in five ways because of this book. First, when you read it aloud. This book would be read aloud in the churches mentioned and also to this day in churches through the world. Any given Sunday, the book of Revelation is preached, taught and spoken of thousands of time. You are blessed because you read and heed the word. Secondly, this is a word of prophecy. It is from God’s heart and mind itself. This prophecy is about what God Himself has ordained. It will not be altered or changed. Thirdly, you are blessed when you hear. This is God’s hope for the church and a warning for the wicked. Throughout this book there will be given many opportunities for man to repent. Fourthl,y you are blessed when you keep or put into lifestyle what is written in this book. James says we are not to be just hearers of the word but doers as well. There was a man who once heard the Word of God and chose to follow the Lord’s will and saw great and mighty things. Billy Graham was just eight when he gave his life to Christ in a Sunday School class but by doing what was written by the Word of God he had the privilege of seeing millions come to Christ. Obedience is better than sacrifice a lesson that King Saul did not ever learn. Lastly, the reader is blessed because the time is near. Any moment a person can meet Jesus. It could be through either portal of the rapture of or death but the reality is that time is short. This is both a warning and hope. This theme will be repeated throughout the book