You are Salt.

Matt 5:13 – You are Salt.


What Jesus teaches next is in the form of a metaphor.  He equates the Child of God as salt.  Salt in the ancient world was very valuable.  It had three qualities.  First, it was used as it is today as an element to flavour food.  Food tastes better when salt is added to it.  Life is better when salted with prayer, the word of God, fellowship and evangelism.  Our lives need also to be flavoured with the fruit and gifts of the Spirit.  These affect those around us and we have an impact.  Salt next was used as a preservative.  Before the invention of the ice box or the refrigerator food was preserved by putting salt on it.  In us, is the preservation, protection and proclamation of the gospel.  The last function in the ancient world was currency.  It was a trading commodity.  We are to trade and share the gospel with whom ever we come across.

Jesus then says if salt loses its flavour it is useless.  You cannot make it salty again.  This is a warning for apostasy and effective living.  Those who lose their ability to influence, preserve or proclaim the gospel become like salt, useless and the gift has been wasted.  This is a warning and an encouragement.