You have done unto me

In Matt 25:40, Jesus was teaching about acts of charity.  When we feed the hungry, cleanse the leper, visit the sick, clothe and shelter another person Jesus said, "we are doing it unto Him."  Mother Theresa was asked one time how she could minister to the lepers in Calcutta.  She said, "I look at them as Jesus in His distressing disguise."  When we do acts of love we are doing it to Jesus.  Jesus is the face of the broken hearted.  Jesus is in the aches and pains of the sick and infirmed.  He is with those that have no home and no hope.  He walks the streets with those who are lonely, depressed and discouraged.  We are His hands and feet extended.  James writes that if we tell someone to be warm and filled and yet we do nothing to make that happen, our religion is in vain.  He says that we show faith by what we do.  God has called His people to be the ones who are first in to help when something goes wrong in someone’s world.  Our time, talents and resources should be His.  If God needs something from us to minister His love and grace to another it should be available.  One time a pastor learned of a family that was in need.  They had lost their home in a fire.  He rally the church to help this family even though they did not go to the church.  They replaced everything the family lost and rebuilt the home.  This became a catalyst for change in that church.  They became a church that was known for compassion and love.  Today are your time talents and resources available for God to use for His praise and glory?  If they are not it is time to let them so God can minister to others through you.  Remember you are doing it to Jesus in His distressing disguise.