You Shall Be FIlled

In Matt  5:6, Jesus says that those that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled.  When you want more of God you will get more of God.  When you want righteousness you will get more righteousness.  To be righteous means you are right with God and in turn you are right with others.  In fact when you are right with God this gives you the ability to be right and stay right with others.  Love is the foundation of any relationship.  When you love the way God loves you will get along with every one.  He gives your the ability to over look the many faults and failures in others and yourself.  The paradox of love is this, when you find God you still want to seek Him.  If you seek first, the Kingdom of God, all things will be added unto you.  Jesus makes it clear that hunger and thirsting for righteousness is the secret of being filled.  So today dip your cup into the wells of salvation and be filled.