You will succeed

In Psalm 20:4, David writes, "May the Lord give your the desires of your heart and may you succeed."  It is a prayer and a promise.  When you seek the Lord with all your heart all things will be given unto you.  Jesus said that.  When Jesus says something it is going to happen.  When you align your life with what God wants then your will becomes His will and your priorities are His.  Together you will see all your plans fall into place and succeed.  It is wonderful to be doing what God wants.  He will lead, guide and direct you through life.  The secret of success in the Christian life is to do the will of God.  To find out the will of God you have to present every part of your life before the Lord and asked Him to lead and guide you.  You must be a person of prayer and a reader of the Bible.  These two avenues are places where God talks to you.  Prayer will help you to communicate with God to know what He wants and the bible is the guide book to help you know the will of God.  So today may you seek God with all your heart and may all the plans He has for you succeed.