Your answer

April 13 – Your answer – Psalm 38:15

     In this Psalm David lays out his plight and petition before the Lord.  There are times where you just need to register how you feel before the Lord.  Many times we are overwhelmed by life and prayer is the vehicle in which we tell the Lord and get His perspective.  The greatest blessing of prayer is that we get all the emotions, anxiety, fear and trouble out into the open.  We bring it to God and get it off our chest.  Releasing something negative and letting God`s peace come is so liberating.

     The next part is so great.  David says, “I wait for you Lord.”  In all the confusion of life the greatest blessing is when you wait.  You know the answer is on the way.  Dan 9:23 and 10:12, remind us that even before the request is out of our mouth the answer is on the way.  Listen to David’s confidence.  You will answer my Lord and my God.   David knew God was His master, Lord and Savior.  He had a relationship with God and lifetime of experience with God’s provision.  David knew and you need to know God will answer and will meet your needs according to His riches in glory.