Your daily bread

In Matt 4:4, Jesus tells us that man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that comes the mouth of God.  Jesus is telling us that men will never be satisfied with the natural things of life.  There is a deep calling of God in our lives.  Blaise Pascal the French math wiz said, "There is a God shape hole in each of us that only God can fill."  We are like the geese there is a call that drives us.  We must go and find that place of rest or we will never be fulfilled.  For many people that call or hole is never filled.  Why?  That hole must be filled by Jesus Christ.  He is the one that brings life.  He is the one that bridges the gap between us and God.  Jesus is God’s idea of salvation.  Many will try to fill that hole today.  They will use material things, religion, philosophy, social action, intellectual pursuits and relationships.  All these will fail because only God can fill that hole.  If you know Christ your hole has been filled.  You have found eternal and abundant life but if you have not, then you need to come to Christ and have it filled.  Today if you know Christ tell someone.  If you do not not then come to Christ.  That hole will not be quiet until it has been filled.  So fill it today with Christ.