Your love

April 3 – Your love – Psalm 36:6-7

     These verses are actually the based or inspiration for a popular chorus today.  It states that the love of God reaches to the heavens.  Actually the love of God cannot be measured.  It is limitless because God himself has no beginning or end.  He is omnipresent and so is His love.  David was trying to put into words how great and wonderful is the love of God.  God faithfulness is like the sky.  It goes on and on.  God is two things in this verse.  His love is beyond measure and His faithfulness is beyond comprehension.

     The David states that the righteousness of the Lord is like a mighty mountain.  It is larger than life.  It blocks out all sin and darkness.  The righteousness of the Lord is beautiful and majestic like a great mountain.  His justice is like an ocean.  It is deep, powerful and beyond man’s understanding.  Like the ocean you see just the surface but there is so much more waiting for those who seek the Lord.  There is no greater force for overcoming things than water.  The Lord’s justice erodes and overwhelms the erosion of sin, guilt and shame.  With these qualities the Lord preserves both man and beast.  God protection keeps all the world.  It truly is like the old song says, “He’s got the whole world in His hands”