Your Reward

In Matt 5:11-12, Jesus again tackles the subject of persecution.  He tells His audience that they should rejoice when people persecute them.  In fact He says they should expect it.  He uses the example of the prophets who went before them.  It is a fact that every generation of followers of God will have some form of persecution.  Most persecution in Canada is verbal.  In other countries it can be physical.  The world will never be a friend of the child of God.  If you line yourself with the Kingdom of God you will come into direct conflict with the Kingdom of satan.  Satan rules this world and every one who does not know God.  They may be the nicest person but if they do not know Jesus Christ their father is satan.  They follow his ways and will in one form or another.  They may be polite in their rejection of Christ and you but they are still rejecting you.  Rejection is still rejection no matter in what form they do it.  So today when people persecute, malign or reject you, Jesus says rejoice and be glad because you are in good company.  They rejected Him and He was perfect.