Zealous for Good.

In Gal 4:18, Paul says that it is good to be zealous provided the purpose is good.  When Jesus had driven out the moneychangers and merchants from the temple, the scripture stated that is was the zeal of the Lord that made Him do it.  Zeal means fervent eagerness.  It is also used when describing diligence to a task.  God had given a job to Jesus and He was diligent to see it done.  When God gives us a work or ministry to do He wants us to be enthusiastic about it.  After all it was God who gave it to us.  He wants us to do it eagerly.  We must do it quickly and to the best of our ability.  Remember you must walk in wisdom.  Some eagerness can overcome common sense.  Let us be persistent in the work and see it through until it is compeleted.  God is not pleased with a job half done.  It is not how we start that it is important, it is how we finish.  Paul says that we should be eager and zealous for a good work.  God loves to see His people happily doing the work that He gives them.  That does not mean that the work will always go smoothly.  There is a sense of accomplishment when the work is completed.  Your promises today are:  Ps 107:09, Isaiah 41:13, Matt 6:33, 11:28, 1 Cor 2:9, Phil 1:6 and Heb 13:5.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Obedience is the decision to do that which is right when everything and everyone around you says you do not have too.  Knowledge is only helpful when applied to life and used for the good of others.