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Today’s Online Awesome Story is via brightside.com It says: “A little boy gives flowers to a policeman after a terrorist attack in Stockholm.”..

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Check out this cool Angel shaped cloud photo taken in Texas! -Jeff (courtesy of sunnyskyz.com)

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Kutless is a band from Portland, Oregon. Lead singer Jon Micah Sumrall, guitarists James Mead and Ryan Shrout (also singing backup), bassist Kyle Zeigler, and drummer Kyle Mitchell.

They started out as a worship band named Call Box. They changed their name to “Kutless” before releasing an independent three song EP. They were signed by BEC Recording and their self titled debut album was released in 2002.  The song “Run” would go on to be the longest charting song in the history of the R&R Top 40. The album was also followed by a Kutless DVD the same year.

Their followup album, Sea of Faces was released in 2004.  The next year, they released a worship album called Strong Tower. But before the album was even released thier bassist and drummer left the band and to start a label. Verbatim Records.  Around that same time another Christian rock band, Seven Places, had broken up. Bassist Dave Luetkenhoelter and drummer Jeffrey Gilbert joined Kutless. Thier first album with the band was Hearts of the Innocent in 2006.  They also released a live album that year called Live From Portland. In 2007, guitarist Ryan Shrout decided to leave Kutless, after his daughter was diagnosed with a rare eye disease.  He was replaced by Nick De Partee.  Kutless’s album To Know That You’re Alive was released in 2008.

Their latest album, It Is Well, was released in 2009.

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Fort Road Victory Church

It is our conviction that every church should do everything using every gift within its grasp to “Reach” every person possible with the gospel. We then believe it is of…

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Weekend Thought

It is the weekend and here is a thought to ponder.  Cain is an example of a man who tried to get God`s approval through man made methods.  So follow... Read more →

Thursday Thought

It is Thursday and here is your thought.  There are no short cuts to wisdom.  The path to wisdom is knowledge, understanding, discretion and the fear of the Lord.  It... Read more →


There are no short cuts to wisdom.  The path to wisdom is knowledge, understanding, discretion and the fear of the Lord.  It takes time to master these. Read more →